Mixed Reality

POVs from the VR pros: Enterprise applications by Stephanie Llamas

At the SVVR VR Expo March 29-31, I had the privilege of moderating a panel of interactive technology's best and brightest. In anticipation of what was a pretty kick ass discussion, I reached out to a diverse group of industry pros to get their take on the world of enterprise and VR.

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The Virtual View from CES 2017 by Stephanie Llamas

The biggest thing I learned at CES this year is many people still don't get how the VR industry, or media development in general, works. If people expected some magical new invention that would turn 2017 into the year they'd hope 2016 would be for VR, they set themselves up for disappointment-but that doesn't mean it's not on track.

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How China's biggest companies are crushing it at VR by Stephanie Llamas

As Asia’s population continues to burst at the seams, it’s no wonder VR investors are eyeing its potential the way they did MMOs and mobile. But it is a blind spot for Western companies, especially when it comes to China’s enormous but highly regulated market. 

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